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Geology and knowledge of the subsurface


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First RGF workshops on the Paris Basin

As part of the Paris Basin project for the French Geological Reference Platform (RGF), underway since 2019, BRGM organises workshops for discussions with the scientific community and stakeholders. Discussions in the three sessions organised to date addressed potential applications and uses of the RGF for the Paris Basin, the current state of knowledge, needs for further acquisitions and expectations from public and private-sector utilities.

Assistance for the reorganisation of Nigeria’s geological survey


BRGM was commissioned by the World Bank to undertake a needs analysis for the Nigerian geological survey agency (NGSA). The study identified ways of improving its organisation, recruitment and equipment that should bring the NGSA on track to become a world-class geological survey organisation capable of supporting Nigeria’s ambitious development programme for its mining sector.

PanAfGeo, a training programme on an unprecedented scale

From 2016 to 2019, PanAfGeo provided training for 1,068 geoscientists from 49 African geological survey organisations, through 42 courses delivered in English, French and Portuguese. The European PanAfGeo programme, coordinated by BRGM, is the fruit of a strategic cooperation effort between European and African geological survey organisations. Discussions on a second phase are under way.

Training in geological mapping in the Tafraoute region (Morocco).
© BRGM – N. Charles

A lithological map of France at a scale of 1:50,000

BRGM has issued Version 0 of a 1:50,000 lithological map of mainland France. Existing geological data on the subsurface were reworked to remove the constraints of stratigraphic age and the lithological data were coded and hierarchically classified. The map, which is designed to evolve, will meet the needs of geoscientists and is intended for practical applications.

The lithological map shows the main families and sub-families of rocks found in a given area, such as the Isère shown here at an intermediate level of precision. © BRGM

Continuing BRGM surveillance of seismo-volcanic activity in the archipelago


Since May 2018, BRGM has been conducting expert missions to improve surveillance of the submarine volcanic eruption offshore from Mayotte and to further understanding of the ensuing natural hazards. It has continued its activities to improve the overall measurement, data transmission and seismological interpretation system.

Bathymetric acquisition from the Marion Dufresne using a multibeam sounder above the emerging volcano. © BRGM

BRGM studies addressing core issues on Margin, Rifts and Orogens

The aim of the BRGM-Total-CNRS-Insu research programme named Orogen is to understand how a mountain range builds up as part of a Wilson cycle, taking the Pyrenees as an example. One of the work packages involved studies of crustal hyper-thinning during Cretaceous rifting of the Mauléon and Adour-Mirande basins and the deformation induced by the convergence phase that formed the Pyrenees. Thanks to these studies, on which four articles have already been published in Class A international journals with six more to come, BRGM has updated knowledge of the subsurface and related concepts, with applications in studies on water and energy resources and planning.