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Board of Directors and Committees


Boards of directors

— May 2020

Chair of the Board of Directors
Michèle Rousseau

Government Commissioner
Émilie Bernardin-Skalen

Representing the ministers for:
Didier Marquer, Policy Officer for Earth Sciences, Georesources and Geotechnologies, Directorate-General for Research and Innovation /
Deputy: Marie-Hélène Tusseau-Vuillemin, Scientific Director, Head of Bioresources, Ecology, Agronomy, Environment, Planet-Universe and Space (Ministry for Higher Education, Research and Innovation)

Philippe Merle, Head of Department, Technological Risks Department /
Deputy: Jean-Luc Perrin, Deputy director for Chronic Risks and Steering (Ministry for Ecological Transition)

Guglielmina Toro, Assistant Deputy Director for Protection and Management of Water and Mineral Resources, Water and Biodiversity Directorate /
Deputy: Rémi Galin, Head of Office, Directorate-General for Planning, Housing and Nature, Water and Biodiversity Directorate (Ministry for Ecological Transition)

Christine Druhle, Deputy Director for Strategic Sectors, Economic Diplomacy Directorate /
Deputy: Vanessa Salas-Pouget, Head, Energy Division, Strategic Sectors Branch, Economic Diplomacy Directorate (Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs)

Baptiste Bondu, Head, Division for Operators and Sector Strategies /
Deputy: Guillaume Pons, Editor in charge of Scientific Organisations, Directorate-General for Globalisation, Development and Partnerships (Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs)

Michel Schmitt, Engineer-General for Mines, Council-General for the Economy /
Deputy: Isabelle Wallard, Engineer-General for Mines, Council-General for the Economy (Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Recovery)

Ahmed J’Mila, Deputy Head, Department for Energy, State Participation, Industry and Innovation, Budget Directorate /
Deputy: Alexie Lalanne-Pelerin, Deputy Head, Department for Energy, State Participation, Industry and Innovation, Budget Directorate (Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Recovery)

Members selected for their particular expertise:
Anne Besnier, Vice-President, Delegate for Higher Education and Research, Centre-Val de Loire Regional Council
Marc Chaussidon,  Director, Paris Institute of Planetary Physics
Sylvie Joussaume, Research Director, CNRS, Laboratory for Climate and Environmental Science, UMR 1572
Marie-Axelle Gautier, Director of Public Affairs, Communication and Sustainable Development Department, ERAMET Group

BRGM staff representatives:
Marie-Christine Dictor (CFDT), Nicolas Frissant (CFDT), Daniel Raucoules (CFDT), Denis Thiéblemont (CGT), Émilie Vanhoudheusden (CFE/CGC), Pierre Vassal (CFE/CGC)

Economic and financial auditing:
Bruno Rossi, Jean-Pascal Codine


— June 2020

Anne Renault
Scientific Director, IFREMER. Research Director, CNRS (Plouzané, France)

Jean-Yves Bottero
Research Director, CNRS, European Centre for Environmental Geosciences Training and Research (CEREGE), (Marseilles, France), Professor, Duke University (USA)

Bertrand Braunschweig
Director, INRIA Saclay Research Centre (Palaiseau, France)

Jordi Bruno
Chief Executive Officer, Amphos 21 Consulting (Barcelona, Spain)

Nicolas Flipo
Senior Research Fellow, Geoscience Centre, Mines ParisTech
(Fontainebleau, France)

Lluis Fontboté
Chair of Geology Economics, University of Geneva (Geneva, Switzerland)

Laurent Jammes
Director of Industrial Relations, CNRS/INSU (Paris, France), General Manager, Actys (Paris, France)

Laurent Jolivet
Professor, Sorbonne University, UPMC (Paris, France)

Zoubeida Kebaïli Bargaoui
National School of Engineering, University of Tunis El Manar (Tunis, Tunisia)

Corinne Leyval
Deputy Director, Interdisciplinary Laboratory on Continental Environments (LIEC), Vice President, CS-SIC (CNRS), Director, OSU OTELO (Nancy, France)

Cécile Lutoff
Researcher, University of Grenoble Alpes, Institute of Alpine Geography, UMR PACTE

Frédéric Plas
Director of Research and Development, ANDRA (Châtenay-Malabry, France)

Cécile Robin
Senior Lecturer, UMR Geosciences Rennes (Rennes, France)

Anne Rozan
Teacher, National School of Environmental and Water Engineering, Strasbourg (ENGEES) (Strasbourg, France)

Philippe Stohr
Director of Nuclear Energy, CEA Saclay (France)


— December 2020

Jean Lamy
, Chair, Management Board of the Agency for Air Navigation Safety in Africa and Madagascar / Former Ambassador

Emmanuel Pineda, Deputy Director, Directorate for Enterprise and the Global Economy (Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs)

Samuel Goldstein, Directorate-General for the Treasury, International Business Financing Branch (Ministry of the Economy)

Christian Fusillier, Division Head (French Development Agency)

Christopher Sheldon, Practice Manager, Energy and Extractives (World Bank Group, Washington, USA)

Dominique Campana, Director of International Affairs (ADEME)

Guy Fradin, Chair of the Strategic Advisory Board (Agreenium)

Bruno Weymuller, Member of the Board of Administrators, French Energy Council, Teacher at IFP Énergies Nouvelles, Member of Total Professeurs Associés


— June 2020

Ministry of the economy, finance and recovery
By delegation, the Director-General of Development, Housing and Nature

Representing the ministry for ecological transition
The Director for Water and Biodiversity
The Director-General for Risk Prevention
The Director-General for Infrastructure, Transport and the Sea
The Director-General for Energy and Climate
The Director for Research and Innovation

Representing the ministry of higher education, research and innovation
The Director-General for Research and Innovation

Representing the ministry of the interior
The Director-General for Civil Security and Crisis Management

Representing the ministry for agriculture and food
The Deputy Director for Environmental Performance and Regional Development

Representing the ministry for solidarity and health
The Director-General for Health

Representing the ministry for overseas France
The Director-General for Overseas France

Representing the ministry of culture
The Director-General for Heritage
The chair of the BRGM scientific committee
The chair of the BRGM


— June 2020

Annie Geay (BPI)
Innovation Director, OSEO (Paris, France)

Riadh Cammoun (Thales)
Vice-president in charge of institutional relations at Thales Alenia Space (Paris, France)

Jean-Yves Berthou (INRIA)
Director, INRIA Saclay Research Centre (Île-de-France Region)

Hervé Suty (Capburdi)
Chair (Bordeaux, France)

Laurent Jammes (CNRS)
Director of Industrial Relations, INSU (Paris, France)


— June 2020

Marie-Madeleine Miallot-Muller

Ahmed J’Mila
Jean-Luc Perrin
Jean-Pascal Codine
Marie-Christine Dictor
Denis Thiéblemont
Émilie Vanoudheusden

Government Commissioner
Émilie Bernardin-Skalen