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CFG : 2019 was another busy year for BRGM with many critical projects

Test of a high-energy well in Dominica. © CFG

The Compagnie Française de Géothermie (CFG) is a leading company in the geoenergy market, with activities in four areas:

  • Studies and consultancy in geothermal resources;
  • Project design, engineering and management for all geothermal applications (including EGS and hot springs);
  • Operational maintenance and monitoring;
  • Expert appraisal, services and products in corrosion and industrial microbiology.

CFG offers its clients the subsurface expertise required for the design, implementation and operational monitoring of projects for geothermal extraction from all types of deep and shallow subsurface environments and for a wide range of temperatures. CFG’s expertise has extended to include engineering services for geothermal loops and fluid conditioning.
CFG has two technical divisions:

  • The IMO division handles project engineering and management (upstream sector: resource characterisation, design and implementation) and;
  • The MSE division handles maintenance and operational monitoring (downstream sector: commissioning, operational monitoring and maintenance, and rehabilitation.

In 2019, the IMO division saw a sustained level of activity. It included the completion of well no. 1 of the Illkirch doublet (Alsace). The year was also marked by the completion of rehabilitation operations on two deep geothermal wells in the Île-de-France region, with BRGM acting as general contractor.

Our new project feasibility study activity increased this year compared to last. Exploration permits under the Mining Code were prepared and submitted to the relevant government departments on behalf of industrial clients and local and regional authorities. Construction work should thus be expected in 2020 and  2021.

In respect of our international work, we completed an assessment of the potential of a high-temperature well in Dominica. Also in the Caribbean, CFG is supporting the operation of the Bouillante power plant, with a focus on regulatory aspects.
Lastly, with its partners, CFG carried out design work for a new production well on the Jonzac site, confirming the growth of its business in the hot springs industry.

The MSE division provided well maintenance services, and operational maintenance and monitoring services under the prefectorial orders for the operation of geothermal facilities.
In 2019, this division’s activity remained strong, with a steady stream of work under obligatory monitoring contracts (for 27 facilities in France), as well as ad hoc interventions as part of maintenance plans or repairs.
Major maintenance operations were completed on sites in Alfortville, Blanc Mesnil, Mée-sur-Seine, Vigneux-sur-Seine and Fresnes.

Our sales of bacteriological culture media (Labège kits) intended mainly for the oil and gas sector remained at a satisfactory level. As part of research and development, partnership projects were continued in 2019 on various technical subjects such as the development of hot-temperature submersible pumps, and the exploration of new options for coupling geothermal energy and CO2reinjection.

In 2019, CFG renewed the "Qualified Engineering" certification from the General Energy Regulation (GER), for surface geothermal energy (known as the "lesser" geoenergy).On the communications side, CFG attended the 2019 European Geothermal Congress in The Hague (NL) and also facilitated two of its now famous "Geothermal industry breakfasts" in Paris, in June and December.

After a year of strategic repositioning in 2018, 2019 was a busy year for CFG, and one which provided the opportunity for it to play a general contractor role in many critical projects.

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