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Geology and knowledge of the subsurface

Developing geological knowledge to optimise the various uses of the subsurface

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BRGM produces and disseminates reference information relating to the subsurface on a variety of scales. Drawing upon the latest scientific and technological advances in order to investigate, understand and represent the subsurface, it is constantly seeking to acquire new knowledge and to improve its understanding of geological phenomena.

The mountain of Gros Morne de Gueule Rouge towering over the road to Cilaos (Reunion Island, 2012). © BRGM - S. Bès de Berc


The information acquired in this way is becoming increasingly complete, accurate, reliable and relevant. It can be exploited directly to develop more sustainable uses of the ground and subsurface. At the regional level, particularly in Africa, BRGM is drawing upon its expertise in geological mapping to provide strategic support for governments in their policies on mineral and water resource management in particular.