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Subsurface potential for the energy transition

Exploiting the properties of the subsurface to move towards carbon neutrality

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The subsurface can play a significant role in the energy transition, which requires more diversified, renewable and carbon-free energy sources. The resources and properties of the subsurface can be used to produce or store energy, as well as to cut greenhouse gas emissions by capturing and storing carbon. The subsurface also offers space for the containment of radioactive waste.

With a geothermal doublet system, the hot water pumped out can be used by a heat network to heat homes or buildings, while the cooled water is fed back intothe same reservoir via a second shaft. © BRGM


BRGM is developing research and expertise in these areas. It is particularly active at the regional level, where it is seeking to explore, study and exploit the potential of the subsurface. In this way, BRGM is promoting the implementation of economically viable systems with low environmental impact.