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Facilitating access to our vocational training courses

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BRGM Formation has been offering continuing education in its areas of scientific expertise for over twenty years, providing a tailored response to the expectations and challenges of companies in the public and private sectors.

In 2019, nearly 700 French and foreign trainees attended BRGM's courses. Whether offered via a catalogue, tailored to meet requests or dispensed as part of specific projects, especially abroad, these courses have given trainees new knowledge and skills in the geoscience field, particularly in geology, hydrogeology and the environment. "The subject of contaminated sites and ground is still very much in demand," stresses Anne Mauger, BRGM Formation Manager.

Eligible for the individual training account scheme

The latest vocational training reform introduced a major challenge for BRGM Formation to offer certified training courses that give companies greater latitude in their choice of funding. As such, training on the regulatory, normative and technical framework for geothermal drilling is now eligible for funding under the individual staff training account (CPF) scheme. This status makes it more accessible to employees and job-seekers due to the additional funding.

In 2019, a full two thirds of the courses offered in the catalogue took place. "In addition to the very high satisfaction rate reported, this indicator attests to the quality of our trainers, our follow-up and support, and to how well our offer – which evolves each year – meets the needs of our customers and partners," continues Anne Mauger.

A dedicated website

In terms of à la carte training, requests to BRGM Formation doubled in 2019. No fewer than 42 requests were processed and 24 accepted, a 57% success rate. "We have recognised expertise in training that is becoming increasingly widely known" confirms Anne Mauger. "This momentum comes from the communication efforts undertaken since 2018, which are expected to be continued on an even larger scale in 2020."
Since late 2019, BRGM Formation has had its very own website: As well as being more visible, it is now easier to search for training courses, by theme or by keyword. "The Amédé management platform associated with the website also enables us to manage the entire training process, from the trainee's registration through to the end of the session," adds Anne Mauger. A LinkedIn page was also created at the end of last year, and already has more than 500 members. Lastly, the 2020 catalogue has been redesigned, with a new, more practical, user-friendly format.

The management platform associated with our new website enables us to manage the entire training process, from the trainee's registration through to the end of the session. © BRGM - J. Delaveyne
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