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Digital data, services and infrastructure

Managing data for digital ground and subsurface services

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The processing, pooling and dissemination of reliable, resilient geological data are core to the mission of a modern geological survey. This includes the processing of data using numerical modelling tools to support “predictive geoscience”.

BRGM develops databases for analytical and predictive 3D-modelling of the status of the ground and subsurface, underground resources, geological hazards and risks. © BRGM


As in many other science and technology fields, data on the subsurface and the environment are becoming more massive and varied, and are being produced via increasingly diverse means and through multiple sources, sensors and stakeholders. Access to this data is critical for addressing environmental, climate change, resource and hazard challenges.

BRGM harnesses digital technology to develop, organise and provide access to geoscience and environmental information. In a landscape that is still relatively compartmentalised, BRGM has acquired extensive expertise in mobilising and comparing geological and environmental data across multiple sources. It can thus provide a wide range of information on the status of the ground and subsurface, embracing an open science approach and developing services for decision makers and the wider public.

In a fast-paced technological environment, BRGM facilitates the use of digital technologies (e.g. artificial intelligence, visualisation and learning approaches) to solve research problems, using numerical modelling and simulation. Combining geoscience and data science tools, it fosters innovation in the modelling of the state of the ground, subsurface, underground resources, geological hazards and risk prediction. A promising project is the development of digital twins for the modelling of ground and underground processes, together with integrated solutions to tackle the challenges of the urban subsurface.

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