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Groundwater management

Promoting sustainable management of water resources in a context of global climate change

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The availability and quality of groundwater are affected by climate change and increasing urbanisation, as well as by agricultural and business practices.
BRGM is seeking to better characterise and understand how aquifers work and to study the impact of these phenomena on large water bodies.

Tufa waterfall in the Jura.  The Petite Source de la Cuisance is an underground river. Running through underground galleries, it emerges from the limestone massif to form a waterfall with numerous cavities formed in the tufa. © Abobe Stock



To this end, it is developing predictive services to provide quantitative and qualitative forecasts of groundwater status. It is also studying the processes governing the transfer and transformation of diffuse pollution in aquifers. BRGM is developing technological solutions and governance tools to support the conservation and sustainable management of groundwater in French regions.