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Mineral resources and the circular economy

Securing the supply of mineral materials in a circular economy framework

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Ensuring access to mineral materials, which are essential for the digital and energy transformation, is a major challenge for both industry and governments today. Indeed, the health crisis has further highlighted the need to secure metal and mineral supply chains, which are now considered from a circular economy perspective in order to reduce environmental impacts.

Salar d'Uyuni (Bolivie), désert de sel et plus grand gisement mondial de lithium. © Fotolia - V. Melnik 



BRGM specialists have expertise in mapping the value chain of mineral materials and modelling their life cycle. BRGM uses their know-how to prospect for primary resources and to develop technological innovations for processing and recycling the materials. In particular, BRGM works with industrial manufacturers to help them secure supplies and meet their needs for eco-responsible technologies.