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BRGM in 2019
                                                                                  1 — Michèle Rousseau, Chair and
                                                                                 Managing Director of BRGM, hands
                                                                                 over to Andry Rajoelina, President
                                                                                 of the Republic of Madagascar, the
                                                                             geological map of Madagascar at a scale
                                                                                         of 1:1,000,000. © BRGM
          2019                                                                struck Mayotte, an underwater volcano
                                                                               2— Presentation of BRGM’s expertise
                                                                                    at the National Conference on
                                                                                         Natural Risks. © BRGM
                                                                                   3— During studies to determine
                                                                                  the origin of the earthquakes that
                                                                               was identified 50 km from the island,
                                                                                      at a depth of 3,500 metres.
          highlights                                                         “The challenges of the subsurface in the
                                                                                      © BRGM - Campagne MAYOBS2
                                                                                     4— Scientific symposium on
                                                                             21st century” organised on the occasion
                                                                                of BRGM’s 60th anniversary. © BRGM
                                                                               5— Presentation of results at the final
                                                                              symposium of the Geological Reference
                                                                                  Platform (RGF Pyrénées). © BRGM

          6 March                                           23 May
          Open Science: BRGM makes                          Mayotte: BRGM teams were
          its geological maps available                     mobilized following the discovery
          for downloading free of charge                    of a new underwater volcano
          — The whole of France                             Photo 3 / As part of the observation campaign conducted off
          BRGM’s geological maps of each French département,   the coast of Mayotte, scientific teams (including three BRGM
          vectorised and harmonised at a scale of 1:50,000, became   scientists) discovered an underwater volcano in the process of
          available for downloading free of charge from the InfoTerre   being formed, 50 km from the island and at a depth of 3,500 m.
          portal. BRGM has also made the 1:1,000,000 geological map   It is 800 metres high with a base 4 to 5 km in diameter. Since
          of metropolitan France available on InfoTerre.    10 May 2018, BRGM has recorded more than 1,800 earthquakes
                                                            in Mayotte, of magnitude greater than 3.5 on the Richter scale.
          25-26 March                                       The discovery of the submarine volcano has enabled a better
                                                            understanding of all the earthquakes observed.
          National conference
          on natural risks (ANRN) 2019
          — Montpellier
          Photo 2 / The national conference brought together all the
          stakeholders involved in the prevention of natural risks.
          BRGM implements research programmes and diagnostic and
          decision-support tools to anticipate, prevent and manage
          surface and subsurface risks. It presented several of its
          studies of hazards, both natural (earth tremors, volcanic
          eruptions, tsunamis, coastal flooding, cavity collapses,
          ground movements and slope erosion, clay shrinking and
          swelling, coastline retreat, etc.) and of human origin, as well
          as the impacts of climate change on these hazards.
          1 April
          Signing of the objectives and
          performance contract by BRGM
          and the government

          Frédérique Vidal, the Minister for Higher Education, Research
          and Innovation, François de Rugy, the Minister for the
          Ecological and Inclusive Transition, Bruno Le Maire, the
          Minister for the Economy and Finance, and Michèle Rousseau,
          BRGM’s Chair and Managing Director, signed the new State-  2
          BRGM objectives and performance contract for 2018-2022.

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