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2019 highlights

                   31 May
                   Geology: BRGM donates its
                   rock collection to the Republic
                   of Madagascar
                   — Paris, Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle
                   Photo 1 / Michèle Rousseau, Chair and Managing Director
                   of BRGM, and Madagascar’s Minister of Mines and Strategic
                   Resources, in front of the President of the Republic of
                   Madagascar, Andry Rajoelina, signed an agreement at the
                   French Museum of Natural History in Paris whereby BRGM
                   donated its lithotheque (rock collection) to Madagascar.
                   3-4 June
                   Pyrenees Geological Reference
                   (RGF) Symposium                                    5

                   — Pau, Palais Beaumont
                   Photo 5 / BRGM organised a conference to present the results of
                   the RGF Pyrénées project. The research carried out has helped
                   answer some of the last unresolved fundamental geological
                   questions about the Pyrenees. This final symposium brought   28 November
                   together nearly 160 scientists and interested stakeholders. The   TInnov: creating the
                   new map of the lithostratigraphic units of the Pyrenees at a scale
                   of 1:50,000 was presented there.                  geosciences of tomorrow
                                                                     — Orléans, Lab’O
                   15 October                                        BRGM launched the first edition of TInnov to imagine
                   The challenges of the subsurface                  the digital geoservices of the future, in order to
                                                                     better understand and protect the environment.
                   in the 21st century                               This day-long meeting was devoted to creativity and

                   — Paris, Collège de France                        marked by short sessions to present innovations.
                   Photo 4 / On the occasion of its 60th anniversary, BRGM
                   organised a scientific symposium on the theme of “Subsurface   9 to 13 December
                   challenges in the 21st century”. This event, which brought   AGU Fall Meeting 2019
                   together partners, elected officials, scientists, industrialists
                   and BRGM’s supervisory ministries, provided an opportunity   — San Francisco, USA
                   to exchange views during two round-table discussions on   BRGM attended the world’s largest Earth and space
                   “Predictive geoscience: towards new services based on   science meeting. The event was an opportunity
                   subsurface data” and on “Securing the supply of strategic   to present BRGM’s areas of expertise to attendees
                   mineral resources”.                               from all continents.

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