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Research, innovation

                                                      Soltracing: a pioneering service
                                                      for the traceability of excavated earth

                                                      Through its subsidiary, SAGEOS, BRGM has taken a 40% stake in Soltracing,
                                                      a solution entirely developed in France to ensure the safety of excavated
                                                      earth flows. The result is a new digital traceability service to check the
                                                      acceptability of excavated earth from reclamation operations and validate
                                                      compliance with standards for site evacuations. This reduces the risk of
                                                      pollution from reusing excavated earth.

                                                       This approach is designed to strengthen BRGM’s image as a leading player
                                                    in innovation and value creation and now applies to all the objectives of its new
                                                    scientific strategy. It has led to 20 new projects, including SEMS (a geophysical
                1 — Signing the equity investment   method for airborne electromagnetic measurements), CARGO, SURICATE Nat,
                in Soltracing, which uses a BRGM
                methodology for excavated earth.    MétéEAU Nappes or Soltracing (see box), which applies a BRGM methodology
                © BRGM                              for tracing excavated earth.
                2— Suricate-Nat uses the highly        It has also given rise to several initiatives including an innovation com -
                responsive social network, Twitter.   petition, a course, already taken by twenty researchers, to raise awareness of
                Its algorithm assesses tweets to    innovation potential for business-oriented projects (What is innovation? How
                ascertain the magnitude and location
                of a natural hazard.                to move from research to value-added applications?) and training for scientific
                © BRGM                              programme directors, run by the University of Paris-Dauphine.


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