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Subsurface potential for the energy transition

Complementing the energy mix with the properties and resources of the subsurface

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The energy crisis created by the war between Russia and Ukraine is driving the increased pace of the energy transition in Europe. In this context, the subsurface and its properties can contribute to the diversification of the energy mix with renewable, carbon-free solutions, available at a competitive cost.

Diagram of a geothermal installation on vertical probes with a heat pump. © Œil pour Œil - GRETA - INTERREG ALPINE SPACE FEDER


The subsurface can be used to produce or store energy, as well as to cut greenhouse gas emissions by storing carbon. Drawing upon its skills and R&D capacities, BRGM is seeking to explore, study and exploit the potential of the subsurface, particularly at the regional level. In this way, BRGM is promoting the implementation of economically viable systems with low environmental impact.

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of mainland France is compatible with near-surface geothermal installations.