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Mineral resources and the circular economy

Mobilising knowledge and expertise to secure mineral supplies

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Supply chains and access to mineral commodities have been severely disrupted by the health crisis and the war between Russia and Ukraine. These resources are essential to the digital and energy transformation. Across Europe, their supply raises a huge challenge that must be addressed with the circular economy in mind, in order to reduce environmental impacts.

Measuring physico-chemical parameters in bioreactors for the oxidation of sulphur, one of the most abundant elements in metal ores. © BRGM - D. Depoorter


BRGM’s expertise spans the entire mineral value chain, with services to analyse the life cycle of minerals, explore primary resources and develop innovative technologies to improve mineral processing and recycling. BRGM also works with manufacturers to help them secure supplies and implement eco-responsible technologies.

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of Europe’s lithium comes from Chile.