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The BRGM Group

Subsidiaries and holdings

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The BRGM Group’s subsidiaries and equity are divided between three holding companies, each corresponding to a specific sector.

SAGEOS is the holding company for all shares held in subsidiaries operating in geothermal energy, with, on the one hand, CFG Services for which it owns 66.6% of the capital, and on the other, Geothermie Bouillante in which it has a 15% holding (ORMAT Systems and the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations own 63.75% and 21.25% of the capital, respectively) and in measurement instruments for geophysical, hydrogeological, hydraulic, geotechnical and mining surveys, where it has a 51% holding in IRIS Instruments (the Japanese OYO Group holds the other 49%). For the management of excavated soil,

it has a 40% holding in Soltracing (with HESUS owning 50%). COFRAMINES and BRGM SA hold the BRGM Group’s remaining equity in the mining sector (dormant companies with no activities or development planned, or companies under liquidation).

BRGM SA has held receivables from the Société de Participation Minière du Sud Calédonien (SPMSC) since 2005, when the BRGM Group transferred its share in the GORO project in New Caledonia to the SPMSC.

BRGM Group structure as of 31 December 2021