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Geology and knowledge of the subsurface

Refining geological knowledge to make better use of the subsurface and its resources

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BRGM produces benchmark information on the subsurface and makes it widely available. Drawing upon the latest scientific and technological developments in the field of investigation, it uses airborne geophysical techniques to acquire large-scale data that can be used to better characterise the shape and nature of geological structures.

Heliborne geophysical survey of Reunion Island. The campaign and the data obtained provide images of the first 200 metres of the subsurface. © BRGM - René Carayol


The challenge today is to refine this knowledge in depth, in order to improve mapping of the subsurface and gain a clearer understanding of geological phenomena. BRGM aims to provide information that is increasingly detailed and accurate, as well as being immediately exploitable in order to develop more diversified and sustainable uses of the subsurface and its resources.

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30000 km
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of airborne geophysical surveys in the Massif Central in 2022.