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2022-2023: A pivotal period

2022 has been a busy and particularly intense year for CFG in terms of new projects, multiple requests and significant achievements, building on the momentum of 2021.

Drilling rig in operation - Evry Doublet. © CFG


The challenges of the energy transition, now considered to be paramount, combined with the brutal effects of inflated energy costs (partly due to the conflict in Ukraine), highlight the problem of dependence on fossil resources, for which solutions must be found in the short term.

Geothermal energy, after a rather limited development in specific areas, is now considered to be a reliable and sustainable alternative to fossil fuels for ushering in the energy transition.

Thanks to its position as leader in its markets, CFG has certainly benefited from a favourable economic climate, but has also been able to seize opportunities efficiently through new approaches and thus establish its reputation with its long-standing clients, as well as scouting out new clients (manufacturers seeking to integrate geothermal energy into their energy mix, for example).

CFG continued its maintenance and operating activities in 2022 with several significant maintenance operations carried out at the end of the year, notably at Riehen in Switzerland, for ADP at the Orly site and at Evry, where CFG was able to implement its well-bottom corrosion inhibitor technology (TCTFP).

The engineering and project management activity continued unabated in 2022 with numerous feasibility studies, particularly on virgin land in the Île-de-France (Versailles) or regionally (Royan), including drilling engineering assignments and project management for the creation of new heating networks (Champigny-sur-Marne, Pantin - Les Lilas, Saint-Denis for example). 

In the field of high-enthalpy geothermal energy, CFG is supervising the drilling of new wells to increase the production and re-injection capacity of the Bouillante electricity production site in Guadeloupe. This work will continue in 2023. It enables CFG to consolidate its experience and skills in geothermal power plants, a major development challenge in island areas, particularly in the Caribbean.

As part of the “Geodenergies” programme, CFG continued its research and development work in 2022 on the design and pre-industrialisation of submersible electric pumps for use in high-temperature environments.
The technology of composite-lined wells (a unique CFG innovation) is steadily being adopted by our customers and partners. In 2023, additional engineering studies will enable this innovative technology to be deployed in Île-de-France.
The production and marketing of Labège kits reached a new high during the year, which required additional production resources to be able to meet all the demands.

Thanks to the teams’ professionalism and the quality of their preparatory work for CFG interventions, there were no losses during the financial year 2022, albeit in a sector of activity that is sensitive to risks. 
CFG’s very good economic results in 2022 are due both to a favourable economic climate and to its know-how, particularly in the development of innovative techniques, which has enabled it to keep its current clients and to conquer new markets.

Although the opening of its capital to a new investor in 2019 was postponed following the withdrawal of the candidate, CFG’s teams were able to stay the course and successfully meet the high demand for production. 
The year 2023, driven by a favourable environment and a well-filled order book to date, looks promising, in particular thanks to the opening of new sectors of activity which should be sustainable over the long term.

CEO : Éric Lasne
Turnover : €5.529M
SAGEOS holding: 100 %
Workforce: 20 employees

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