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Message from the President

“In 2022 BRGM successfully negotiated its future Contract of Objectives, Resources and Performance (COMP) 2023-2027 with the government, while consolidating its reputation among academics and playing a prominent role in many societal issues.”

Small underground lake in the cave of the Cabane de Saint-Paul des Fonts (Aveyron). © Philippe Crochet

Small underground lake in the cave of the Cabane de Saint-Paul des Fonts (Aveyron). © Philippe Crochet


BRGM, like all economic players, resumed its activities when Covid restrictions were lifted in 2022. The financial results were good and orders reached an all-time high. The institution gained influence in the academic community by being selected to coordinate two new priority research and equipment programmes (PEPR) on the subsurface and risks. In addition, Hceres, the High Council for the Evaluation of Research and Higher Education, which audited the institution in the spring to lay  the groundwork for the future objectives contract, issued a report highlighting the significant progress that had been made at both scientific and organisational levels.

The outbreak of war in Ukraine has significantly increased concerns about national sovereignty, with two direct implications for the institution:

  • the Government’s decision to create the French Observatory of Mineral Resources for Industry (OFREMI) affiliated to BRGM. Its mission is to provide manufacturers with the most recent information on global supply chains and the current and future needs of industrial sectors.
  • the launching by the Government of a national geothermal energy plan to which BRGM contributed. Geothermal energy is local, renewable, does not emit CO2, is exploited with equipment manufactured in Europe and is more cost-effective in the medium to long term than alternative energy sources.

Finally, during the summer of 2022, in the midst of a major drought, BRGM was frequently called upon to forecast groundwater levels. The 2023-2027 COMP includes a budget to enable BRGM to provide all the regions concerned with groundwater forecasting models within 5 years: season models but also management models to mitigate the effects of global warming.

BRGM’s COMP for the period from 2023 to 2027 is now ready. It includes a significant strengthening of the institution’s financing, particularly in the fields of digital technology, water, energy, processes and innovation, which is a source of satisfaction to all BRGM staff. 2023 should therefore be a year of intense activity in all our projects to enable BRGM to meet the government’s expectations.

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